An interesting guide to writing an appealing persuasive essay

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essay writing service” is perhaps the most commonly used phrase of professors because essay writing is an important part of academia.

There must not be a single student who can say that he/she has completed his/her graduation without writing an essay.  


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Some students may feel frustrated and exhausted after writing several essays one after another. But these essays are meant to make you a perfect essay writer by improving and enhancing your writing skills.

Like different other essays, the persuasive essay also has a pattern to follow which makes things organized and easy for students.

This blog will discuss the most interesting things which need to be covered by the end of any persuasive essay to make it more effective and persuasive. These things have helped me a lot to write my essay, and will be beneficial for you as well. 

All you’ve to do is to take notes and try to implement the techniques that will be discussed in the blog regarding persuasive writing.

If your teacher has asked you to write a persuasive essay on the topic of your own choice, you must follow the following order for writing an effective persuasive essay.


Understand what is persuasive essay writing:

Do you need to start thinking about what is persuasive writing? Or writing a persuasive essay? Because a lot of students skip this step and end up questioning their competency after getting unsatisfactory grades.

Persuasive writing as its name suggests that its purpose is to make the reader agree with the essay writer stance. Therefore, you must use the approaches and techniques to persuade your readers.

The approach towards writing every essay is different because every essay is supposed to be different considering the basic requirement of every type of essay.

You're supposed to use a persuading approach for writing a persuasive essay.  


Select a suitable topic:

After understanding the approach which must be used for the essay, you must select your topic smartly. Your entire essay is based on what is the topic which you need to tackle in your essay.

The topic is important because it will have a huge impact on the readers. The topic must be insightful because it must compel the readers to critically evaluate the stance.

You can choose a topic that you love but make sure you have a compelling point to persuade the readers. Otherwise, the weak points will weaken your stance instead of strengthening it.

Engagement is as necessary as persuasion is for the persuasive essay. Hence, select the topic which not only interests you but also your readers.


Research the topic:

The most awaited and exciting part of essay writing is here!!

The research for the topic.

Research your topic as much as you can since there are no restrictions. Try to understand your topic in a better way to make it more engaging and persuasive for the readers.

Research mainly includes understanding and learning the popular discourses about the topic. This will help you in clarifying your stance in the essay.

Use the skim and scan strategy to go through most of the data available regarding the topic. But the ones which you might think will be more helpful than the others will need a thorough reading.

Write the important points that you discover while the process of researching the topic. This activity will help you to remember all the information without skipping any important factors.


Research Organization:

 The research you conducted for your topic must be in bits and pieces. You’ve to organize it according to the mind map of your essay.

This will help you in maintaining the flow of your essay. Most students do not give a second thought to the organization or flow of the essays, which appears unappealing to the readers.

Also, it becomes really difficult for readers to follow the pace of the writer's ideas.

It's your concern that you must organize the information in a way that does not appear as a bombardment of the ideas for readers.

Assembling the thought helps in the smooth transitioning of the essay through one idea leading to another.



Ever heard of an essay without a clear thesis statement? No?

Because without the thesis the essay is the same as a human without a heart.

The thesis is considered as the heart of not just academic essays rather any of the academic writing.

It helps the readers to understand what the paper intends to explore or present in the essay.

For a thesis statement for your persuasive essay, it must be appealing and helpful for the readers in grasping the main idea of the essay without reading the entire essay.

Your thesis must be stated at the end of the introductory paragraph. Make sure your every argument must refer back to the thesis of the paper.


Write the essay:

Start writing the essay as soon as you get done with your thesis.

You have a mind map with all the organized information, you must know how to put your thoughts and points effectively on the paper. Once you’re done writing your essay, try to revise it several times to rectify the essay.

See!! It's not that difficult all you've to do is to use persuasive techniques for persuading the readers along with authentic and reliable sources.

Adhere to these points and you'll write a very effective essay. Still, if you need any help or guidance you can always contact the essay writing service. They’ll help you in providing professional guidance.

Hope you’ll find the blog helpful!!


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